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I lost a ski !!!

jeudi 16 avril 2009 par Evan

I lost a ski !!!

I’d like to talk you about the day Olivier somebody I know, lost a ski. First I’m gonna start by the beginning. Me and my friends (Laurent and Félix) we wanted to ski together. There was just one little thing that was bothering us : Félix had to take care of his brother Olivier. So I asked him if he was good enough to ski in very hard trails. He said yes I should be able. The first trail we did was the "17". The 17 track is in the woods. Olivier was going well, even when we all followed Laurent in little trails out of the 17. Nearly at the end of the 17, me and my friend Laurent planed to get lost on purpose. It was easy to get Félix and Olivier to follow us because it was the first time they did the 17. So we continued to far in the 17 so we could get lost. Félix and Olivier did’nt even notice we were lost. So we ended in a hiking trail for snow shoes. So then we followed the trail until we got to the 16 the track next to the 17. So we managed to get back to the chair lift. When we got off the chair lift we saw Arnaud. He’s another friend of me, Laurent and Félix. So Arnaud asked us to ski with us so we said "yes". Then me and Laurent we wanted to do the 8 another track int the woods. The 8 is me and Laurent’s favorite track because we know a lot of caps and little trails full of snow. In the first part of the "8", it went very well. At the first cap that is quite high, everyone made it well even Olivier. Then wewent to the second cap we know in the 8 that is nearly two times higher than the first. Me and Laurent made it perfectly. But Arnaud and Félix slightly scratched their skis. Olivier decided to be careful and he just went around the cap. A little bit further in the 8, we made a trail. Iwent behind Olivier to be sure he was allright. At the beginning of the trail, all was going well. It only went bad when Olivier lost his ski. Olivier lost his ski because he fell down on a cap hidden by the snow. So I asked him if he was allright, he said yes. he said just after, the only problem is tahat i can’nt see my ski. So Félix, Arnaud and Laurent had alredy finished the little trail. Laurent shouted to me : "Is everything ok ?". I said "yes" the only problem is we can’t find Olivier’s ski. Then me and Olivier decided to keep searching. We kept searching for about 5 minutes. I said to Olivier : "Stay there and keep searching whyle I’m going to find the others". I clipped my skis and I went to find the others. When I arrived there I told them what just happend. Félix and Laurent decided to go back with me where Olivier lost his ski. Arnaud stayed to watch our skis, because we could’nt go back there with them. It was quite hard to go back where Olivier was because when we walked up the trail we were always sinking in the snow. Finally when we got there we searched again for about five minutes. Finally, when everybody exept Arnaud were searching, Félix said I think Igot it. So then me Laurent and Olivier rushed to see Félix. Félix was right it was Olivier’s ski. After Olivier clipped his ski and we finished the 8. At least all went well when we finished it.



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