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Chronicle Friends

jeudi 25 juin 2009 par Sarah


Hello my subject today is my friends. In this chronicle, I want to talk to you about their qualities.

First, my friends are : Lydia, Rébecka,kelly, Frédérique B.,Laura,Myriam,laurie,Frédérique P., Mary-pier G.,Sabrina P., Claudelle. Beginning with Lydia shis really nice, Rébecka is funny, Kelly is Kind, Frédérique B., is friendly, Laura is athletic, Myriam is really cool,Laurie, she got style, FrédériqueP. is talented, mary-pierG. is curious, Sabrina P. she’s not shy and finally Claudelle is very hot|

To conclude, I was showing you how great my friends are. This is Sarah D’arcy for Radio Étincelle. A great place to make good friends.

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